You are also a Project Manager

I recall the time period when tech people used to be disorganized and take pride in saying “I am not good in PM stuff” – well because they are the tech guys.

If you internally have this viewpoint, kill it. To be effective tech person, you need to Project Manage your stuff. But this also does not mean you need to read project management lengthy books or study for PMP. I a, going to give you here what you need to master to effectively manage your projects.

  1. Define the project problem very well. This is what the project is and its objective.
  2. Define Success Criteria. This is to know when you have succeeded.
  3. Breakdown the problem into manageable parts.
  4. Define dependencies and requirements.
  5. Prioritize and timeline the parts.
  6. Initiate the parts and dependency management.
  7. Track moving parts.
  8. Measure and communicate progress.